Globalization, rapid digitalization, and migration have had far-reaching effects on local as well as international communities, compelling us to rethink Education. Traditional modes of education that were once the gold standard, are no longer well-suited to equip Individuals with the competitive edge essential to thrive in a global village.

Having garnered experiences and exposure to schooling here in Uganda and abroad, our directors are committed to creating an approach that grants every child the relevant skills to be successful in the worldwide arena.

AJS Master plan

Even as we commence our school operations on the existing campus infrastructure; plans are underway to expand the campus – incorporating modern infrastructure and cutting-edge facilities across our 7-acre piece of land located just below the current campus. Details here

AJS Home

Our catalogue boasts of

  • Children’s classics and the Classics reimagined.
  • Charts and world maps 
  • Classic comics
  • African history
  • Biographies and Autobiographies-e.g Nelson Mandela, Gandhi
  • Health & Safety; Children’s safety and awareness
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism, Uganda- the Pearl of Africa
We are deliberate in our choices to instill a sense of belonging, pride and legacy in every child.


Expansive, green facility

Our school is sprawled on seven acres of gently sloping, grassland. Aside from the two spacious classroom blocks, there are outdoor areas dedicated to play and a 100 X 130-yard hybrid pitch for soccer and Athletics.

In addition, our facility boasts a basketball/ netball pitch and plans are underway for the construction of a 25-yard swimming pool.

Our mini school farm neighbors the wetland and serves as a buffer between the study/play area.  It is a prime example of mindful land use with environmental conservation, including the use of physical and ecological filters. Our pupils are privileged to learn the practical application of agricultural methods and the utilization of alternative sources of energy such as hydro-power, solar power, and wind energy.
Expansive, green facility
Expansive, green facility


1. Excellence

At Aspen Junior school we believe in a culture of excellence which we commit to instilling in the children from the formative years. We emphasize modeling integrity, timekeeping, teamwork as well as respect for others.

2. Integrity

Our vision is to graduate persons who stand a class apart as role models by virtue of their unwavering integrity and principles. Honesty as well as accountability both to self and society, are lauded and inculcated in our pupils.

3. Teamwork

While we endeavor to promote a competitive spirit in each child - this is balanced by the healthy cohesion of teamwork. Our pupils learn what it means to be a team player and are equipped to identify the unique attributes they contribute to the collective good.

4. Resilience

Change and uncertainty are constants in the modern world, and as individuals, we are oftentimes faced with unexpected circumstances. How we adapt is what sets us apart. We teach our pupils resilience through fostering a can-do attitude, inspiring confidence through participation in co-curricular activities, and applying these aspects of growth, recovery, and flexibility in day-to-day learning.

5. Egality

We warmly welcome children from diverse cultures, faiths, and origins; and through mutual respect, continued interaction, and shared experiences with schoolmates and staff, it is our goal that the pupils of Aspen Junior school will develop into mindful, fair, progressive individuals with the capacity to flourish in a variety of cultural and work-place settings.
Students on School Compound

In line with our goal of producing global citizens, we equip our pupils with a diverse set of languages.

Our emphasis is on identifying their interests/ strengths and enriching grammar, vocabulary in both spoken and written language. Children are taught aspects of cultural sensitivity, how to appreciate similarities and contrasts between culture and languages; and the appropriate arrangement of words and phrases to create meaningful sentences and connections in that language.

English is the official school language of instruction; as such we ensure proficiency and fluency in spoken and written English. We also proudly offer Swahili, Spanish with plans of including Mandarin in the future.